The Charged Void: Architecture

30/04/2018 - Uncategorized

Smithson, A.M. & Smithson, P. 2000, The charged void: architecture, Monacelli Press, New York.

In calling our collected works The Charged Void: Architecture, we are thinking of architecture’s capacity to charge the space around it with energy which can join up with other energies, influence the nature of things that might come… a capacity we can feel and act upon, but cannot necessarily describe or record.

During the process of final selection of the images for The Charged Void: Architecture, one became conscious that the special natures of the architectural works are somewhat incomprehensible without some understanding of the urban ideas that sustain them.

To assuage fatigue – visual, mental, physical – the flow pattern allows divergence to different qualities of place…

The comprehension of the city’s structure through its patterns of movement, 1952… Pg. 83

The interaction between the existing and the added, 1953… Pg. 115

Paying attention, outside inside… Pg. 357

Interval – To do with rightful spheres of influence, space for each to be its own thing… ultimately the sense of territory, respect for another’s sense of territory, which is not only the ground but also spatial, to do with a sense of overlooking, of unbreathed air, blocking sunlight, and so, shade and shadow… Pg. 455

Is it not so that the closer music comes to reaching our deepest levels of feeling, the precise its notation of interval? Pg. 455