Wolfgang Tillmans
Neil Tennant, musician “What is the influence of music on your photography? Has DJing and performing changed your approach to your visual work in any [...]
Noun she could see him growing quite testy beneath that polished urbanity of his: [...]
Shouldn’t art speak for itself?
“Making their words a presence in the galleries offers their work new readings that are seldom accessible outside the privileged space of their [...]
The Charged Void: Architecture
Smithson, A.M. & Smithson, P. 2000, The charged void: architecture, Monacelli Press, New York. In calling our collected works The Charged Void: [...]
Pushing and Pulling – Ego Crushing in Improvised Performance
Pete Swanson in conversation. I record everything live.  It’s all improvised on hardware and mixed live to two tracks, which I’ll edit down into something [...]
My first year viva…
Starting with intention… My original abstract read: Aurality and the modern urban landscape – An exploration of the city as a prime motivator for [...]
Ackroyd, P. 2001. London: The Biography. London. Vintage. Alonso, E., 2015. The Listener in François Bayle’s Works: A resonant subject in a living [...]
Jean-Luc Godard
The director as architect… a thoughtful little, 6 minute, movie at the BFI site. … existing locations, build new sets, compose and arrange [...]