A note to my supervisor… in case I forget.

16/01/2015 - Aurality
A note to my supervisor… in case I forget.

Now I do understand this isn’t actually a question, but it is a starting point, perhaps.

Considering intermedia art forms as metaphor in the appreciation of the urban environment. Making that which is strange, familiar.

Metaphor is really important: in terms of realising one thing in terms of another. e.g. music as a metaphor for the built environment etc.

Additional info – In our time on The History of Metaphor.

Intermedia is important: because I will be looking as much at imagery as music for realising the work. Combination, layering of different kinds of art forms – electronic music, video, still imagery, writing, composition etc.

Urbanism, architecture and the notion of the city is important: because this will be the fundamental source of inspiration regarding the work I do…

This may well be too arty… but it follows that I need both the skill to realise the work and the philosophy to give the work I do the necessary academic weight. To be rigorous, at least.

I may be reading this all wrong… but this is where I am right now.

Something to ponder, maybe?